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Top Ten Champagnes You Can Afford

Get your party on - on the cheap - with Food & Drink Digital's top picks for affordable champagne
 Top Ten Champagnes You Can Afford  Top Ten Champagnes You Can Afford

We recently read that you can’t go under $100 for a good bottle of champagne – quite frankly, that left us a little incensed. We know for a fact that you can party down in style without breaking the bank or giving up exceptional flavor in the process. Some Champagne house blends even manage to put those overhyped rare vintages to shame. So we set out to find the best of the best in champagne bargains, and here is what we came back up with. Cheers!


10. Möet & Chandon Brut Imperial

Partnered with Louis Vuitton and Hennessy, Möet is Hollywood’s champagne – but you don’t have to be a star to enjoy its White Star house blend, now sold as the regal Brut Imperial. This finely fizzy classic is golden in color and bright with the crisp and slightly sweet flavor of apples and pears, followed by light white floral and spice notes.



9. Nicolas Feuillate Rose

Fans of Pink Andre (we know you’re out there) looking to class it up a little on the holidays would be wise to check out Nicolas Feuillate Rose. Sweet and spicy with notes of raspberry, strawberry, currants and kirsch, it satisfies the teenage sweet tooth that still lives within us all – but with the kind of quality that leads to a Wine Spectator 92 point  rating, you’ll feel much better about it all come New Year’s Day.


8. Pommery POP Earth

Who couldn’t use a little more eco-consciousness? Pommery POP Earth offers some of the most sustainable bubbly ever bottled, from its lighter bottle and recycled packaging to sustainable vineyards, for those who want to party with a purpose. But all the organics in the world can’t make up for poor taste – luckily that’s not a problem for Pommery POP Earth, its summery ginger and lemon flavors uplifted by extra-fine effervescence.


7. Louis Roederer Brut Premier

Some things get better with age, and according to the wine experts Louis Roederer Brut Premier is one of them. This is champagne that matures in the bottle, pushing past the vanilla creaminess of its youth to reveal fresh green notes of spring flowers, apple, lemon and lime. Of course, with the tastiness present at any age, you may find it hard to wait.


6. Taittinger Brut La Francaise

This Brut goes heavy on the chardonnay, but the final product is anything but heavy. Rather, Taittinger Brut La Francaise is what Wine Spectator calls “a fine, very pure style of Champagne,” offering enthusiasts a crisp candied taste of peach, lemon, and honey that grows pleasingly dry and toasty at the finish. 


5. Chartogne-Taillet Cuvee Sainte-Anne

This cuvee’s brother, Chartogne-Taillet Fiacre NV, rated among FINE Champagne Magazine’s Top Ten Champagnes of 2011, one of only two non-vintages to make the cut. For several dollars less, the Cuvee Sainte-Anne offers a tantalizing experience of its own: rich and smoky, far less dry than the rest of the pack and warmed by notes of apple, ginger, and browned butter.



4. Laurent-Perrier Brut L-P

Made up of a blend of wines from over 55 crus, Laurent-Perrier’s Brut L-P is a perfect representation of all the best that the brand has to offer. Unlike many champagnes of its type, Laurent-Perrier Brut LP is predominately chardonnay, lending it a unique crispness and citrusy spice for a uniquely complex aperitif.



3. Billecart Salmon Brut Reserve

Billecart Salmon may not be as well known as some other big name brands, but the French winery has garnered some high marks among professionals in the industry for its delicate champagnes. Its non-vintage Brut Reserve is a pale, creamy blend is characterized with fresh notes of white flowers, peach, and pear, and makes for a lovely aperitif.



2. Piper Heidsieck Champagne Brut

It’s not every day that a non-vintage brut trumps its own brand of brut reserve, but this year wine experts decided that Piper Heidseick did exactly that, listing Piper Heidseick Champagne Brut within the top twenty of its Best Champagnes of 2011. This effervescent brut is medium-bodied, toasty, and bright with notes of apple and ruby grapefruit.



1. Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Brut

“A champagne house is eventually judged on the quality of its Brut non vintage” – it’s a phrase Veuve Clicquot not only speaks, but lives by. Veuve Clicquot’s Brut Yellow Label, made predominantly from pinot noir and supplemented with chardonnay and pinot meunier, is bold enough to hold its own without losing the bubbly lightness that makes champagne so enjoyable. With fresh hints of white fruit give way to warm undertones of vanilla and brioche, it’s delightful with a meal, for dessert, or anywhere a party demands it.


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