We’ll be the first to admit it: we’ve started off the new year a little bit on the tech-obsessed side. But we think it’s justified when there are so many applications out there just waiting to cater to our every want and need. Say we want to explore our city, for instance. App stores are practically teeming with ways to let you discover every nook and cranny of your hometown’s culinary scene – and when you’re done surveying the land, there are still more apps waiting to help you blog, tweet, and capture your experience in photographs to share with your friends. Here are our favorite apps we’ve found that can help you enhance your local eating experience. 


10. EAT ST.
Developer: Invoke Media
Platforms: iPhone, Android

Another food truck app? You know it! (It’s actually crucial: one app might be aware of a new truck, while another might miss it completely. Then where would we be?) If you’re familiar with the show Eat St. on Food Network, you know it’s all about scouring North America in search of tasty food trucks and street vendors. The official Eat St. app operates under the same principle, helping users to find food trucks in their area using the power of GPS and keep track of their Twitter feeds.


Developer: Evernote
Platforms: iPhone

The newest release from Evernote isn’t really about finding new eateries so much as it is about building a better file of the places you’ve been. After all, there’s nothing worse than happening upon a great little hole-in-the-wall restaurant, eating an amazing meal, and then never being able to find it again. Evernote Food helps users keep track through photos and text. Unlike a lot of other apps, whether you choose to share your thoughts or keep it like a diary is entirely up to you. 


Developer: Pinojo Productions
Platforms: iPhone

When it comes to knowledge about the best local haunts, who do you trust? Food bloggers, of course! Local Dish is an aggregator app that compiles food blogs from your area, starting you off with a few it has deemed trustworthy and allowing you to add more of your own. Get the scoop on good and bad experiences first hand, and use them to make informed decisions about your next culinary excursion. 


Producer: GrubHub, Inc
Platforms: iPhone, Android

It’s happened to even the best of us. Too tired to haul ourselves to our own kitchen, much less down the street to the corner taco shop, we resign ourselves to ordering delivery – and half the time, out of pure laziness and ease of ordering, it ends up being from a massive franchise. GrubHub’s job is to make ordering out from mom-and-pop joints just as easy. Just type in your address, and the app will not only give you a list of every nearby restaurant that delivers, but provides the necessary contacts so that ordering is just one more click away. 


Producer: Roaming Hunger, Inc
Platforms: iPhone, Android

We love our food trucks, and it’s essential to be on the ball or you might miss one. Roaming Hunger is a simple app that helps users stay on top of their food truck game with a pushpin map of food trucks in the area, plus a stylishly rendered parade of recent tweets as the trucks shout out where they’ll be next. Run across a truck you’re unfamiliar with? Roaming Hunger can fill you in with the truck’s manifesto, contact info, Twitter account, and even a menu link to aid in your lunchtime decision. 


Producer: Foodspotting, Inc
Platforms: iPhone, Android, Blackberry

A picture’s worth a thousand words, especially when it’s a picture of mouthwatering food. Foodspotting works kind of like a visual-based Yelp, letting user-generated photographs pique your interest in nearby restaurants. You have the choice of browsing recent snaps, or searching for nearby restaurants by location or genre and then and thumbing through the results. To make a sport of it, try hitting every point on a helpful city guide. 


Developer: Ocean Breeze Software, LLC
Platforms: iPhone, Android

What’s better than local food? Local beer to go with it. Founded by San Diegans Melani and Jeff Gordon, Tap Hunter is devoted to helping craft beer fanatics connect with their local favorites. Have a favorite brew? Tap Hunter can tell you where it’s being poured so that you can, well, hunt it down. (The app also updates frequently, a critical point considering how fast a small batch of craft beer can be drained once word gets out.) Not sure what you want? Just click on the nearest pub, shake your smartphone, and play Tap Hunter suggestion roulette. Everyone wins.


Developer: Yelp
Platforms: iPhone, Android

While it can be easy to get lost in Yelp’s sprawling websites full of message boards and picky eaters, its mobile app is clean and concise with a homepage of easy to follow icons. The app draws from your GPS location to help you find tasty restaurants wherever you are, and then allows you to check in so you can tell your army of Yelp buddies all about it.  


Developer: Urbanspoon
Platforms: iPhone, Android

What’s worse than that back and forth with your group of friends, when you’re all hungry but no one knows exactly what they want or where they want to get it from? Urbanspoon is an app that neatly removes all the guesswork. If location is your only concern, a tap on the “nearby” icon will reveal everything in your area. If you’re seriously stumped, check out “shake.” Lock one, two, or all three of the slot machine-style categories, then hit the shake button (or physically shake your smartphone, it’s more fun that way) and let the answers be your guide.


Developer: Hevva Corp.
Platforms: iPhone, Android

Sure, the term “farm-to-table” might be getting overused. But whether you’re cooking for yourself, family, or an audience of customers, preparing fresh, local, seasonal ingredients will never get old. One of Locavore’s most immediate benefits is its timetable of what’s in season right now as well as what’s coming up next so you can plan your menu accordingly. Locavore can pinpoint your location and direct you to the nearest farmer’s markets as well as farms with detailed lists of what each one grows, so you have no excuse not to try your hand at eating what’s grown in your own backyard. Then once you’re done you can use the app to post what you’ve eaten to every social media outlet of your choice because, well why not? It’s what we do these days. 

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