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Four Ways California's Drought is Threatening Agriculture

How PepsiCo Reduced its Walkers Crisps Supply Chain Carbon Footprint

NSF International Appoints Greg Brown as its New Global Managing Director of Seafood Safety and Quality Programs

Organic Mangoes Recalled For Possible Listeria Contamination

Pacific Organic Produce recalls organic mangoes sent to Arizona, California, and more

Tyson Recalls Chicken Nuggets from Sam's Club Due to Plastic Particles

A voluntary recall of 5-lb bags of Tyson frozen chicken nuggets is underway

Surprise: Illegal Seafood is Still a Major Part of the Global Fishing Industry

Illegally caught and fraudulently labeled seafood continues to enter the US market as well as the global market - why should the industry care?

Critics Are Coming Out Against the Sysco Merger with US Foods

If the opposition has its way, Sysco may have to divest a whole lot of revenue before it can take on US Foods without being called a food distribution monopoly

CIFT: Building Better Logistics Solutions

Applying time-tested logistics strategies to the food industry, Toledo's Center for Innovative Food Technology is forging links between local and global businesses for a stronger supply chain

Nestlé Recalls Hot Pockets Linked to Rancho Feeding Corp

The massive beef recall grows as processed food companies are linked along Rancho's supply chain

Big Lots Enters Partnership with Hostess Brands

Where Hostess day-old bakery thrift shops left off, Big Lots is taking over

Chobani Greek Yogurt Blocked from Sochi Olympic Athletes

Everyone's getting a little hot under the collar over Russia's strict yogurt policies

FDA Proposes New Rule for Sanitary Food Transportation

Frito-Lay Building New Distribution Center in Central Florida

The PepsiCo subsidiary is bringing new supply chain channels to Florida by way of Leesburg

Frito-Lay Building New Distribution Center in Central Florida

The PepsiCo subsidiary is bringing new supply chain channels to Florida by way of Leesburg

Sysco and US Foods Could Face Year-Long Antitrust Review

Will distributors Sysco and US Foods be allowed to continue their merger? That's up to the Justice Department and FTC

McDonald's to Source Sustainable Beef - But What Does That Mean?

Fast food franchise McDonald's vows to source sustainable beef, potentially forcing a standardized definition for sustainable beef in the process

Six Tips to Avoid Inventory Nightmares

Understand the most common pitfalls of inventory, then learn how to avoid them

UPS: Beating the Holiday Rush

UPS talks seasonal supply chain strategies

Tesco Reveals Statistics on Food Waste

UK retail chain Tesco acknowledges tons of food gone to waste as it vows to increase efficiencies moving forward

Asset Management: When Inventory Isn't Enough

Are you keeping track of your assets? Cliff Anderson at WASP Asset Management discusses programs that help you monitor your everyday supplies

New Mexico Horse Slaughterhouse Obtains USDA Approval

The USDA gives a nod of approval to Valley Meat Co.'s plan to convert its facility into a horse processing facility - but finding the funds for federal inspection to make that plan a reality is another matter altogether

USDA Declares Monsanto GMO Wheat an Isolated Incident

The United States Department of Agriculture would like everyone to know that the appearance of MON71800 genetically engineered wheat was a one-off fluke and not a portrait of the state of the wheat industry

Leaning In to Food Processing

How Lean manufacturing principles are making their way into the food production industry

The Truth about RFID

W&H Systems' Chris Castaldi lays out the facts and fictions behind radio frequency identification technology

Canada Charges Chocolate Companies with Price Fixing

Nestlé, Hershey, and Mars are embroiled in a price-fixing conspiracy unearthed by Canadian authorities

Amazon Expands Grocery Delivery Service to Los Angeles

With an emphasis on small business partnerships, AmazonFresh is doing it right

Japan Cancels Wheat Trade with US over GMO Concerns

Could genetic modification get in the way of competing on the global market? It's a real possibility

Farmers Raising Hourly Wages for Hired Farm Workers

Farm owners are banking on the idea that better wages could make a job in the agriculture industry more appealing

Seamless and GrubHub Join Forces

When Seamless and GrubHub's powers combine, they are the captains of online takeout delivery

China Meat Processors Pass Rat Meat Off as Lamb

The findings of a three-month sting operation by Chinese officials make Europe's horse meat scandal look like child's play

Marine Stewardship Council Under Fire

Could inconsistent standards in the sustainable seafood certification process lead to consumer mistrust?

Mitigating Your Supply Chain Risk: Part Three

Dr. Jeff Karrenbauer discusses the first steps of assessing your supply chain's risk strategy

Starbucks Drops Prices on Bagged Coffee for Retail

Starbucks Corp makes another bid for consumer growth in the retail sector by knocking a dollar off the cost of its bagged coffee

Tim Horton's to End Gestation Crate Use in Ten Years

Canadian chain Tim Horton's gets on board with the No Gestation Crates bandwagon

Horsemeat Comes to Greece in Chicken Nuggets and Soutzouki

As the horsemeat scandal calms in the UK, it's just getting started in Greece

Growing with Barbara's Cookie Pies

A family recipe, a background in marketing and an online retail model combine to create the perfect conditions for a rapidly growing business

Kraft Names Central Refrigerated Service 2012 Carrier of the Year

Utah-based Central Refrigerated Service Inc wins big with Kraft for exemplary customer service

A Break in the Seafood Supply Chain

There's something fishy going on in the seafood industry supply chain - what can retailers and restaurant owners do to make sure that the fish on their plate is the same as what's on the label?

State Representative Introduces SAFE Seafood Act

Congress takes action to combat seafood labeling fraud

Donkey and Goat Meat Revealed in South African Beef

It's not just the UK that's having the worst week ever - South Africa is now in the running

U.S. Flour Recall Affects Major Cereal and Snack Brands

Mondelez International and Frito-Lay count themselves among those caught up in Dakota Specialty Milling's voluntary recall

Tesco CEO Promises a More Transparent Supply Chain

In the spotlight since the horsemeat debacle, supply chain transparency is more critical now than ever before and Tesco CEO Philip Clarke hopes to lead the way in the UK retail industry

Nationwide Seafood Fraud Exposed in New Oceana Report

It doesn't matter where you live: there's a good chance that tuna you're eating isn't tuna

Kellogg's Recalls Special K Red Berries Due to Glass Fragments

Glass fragments make another unwelcome appearance on U.S. supermarket shelves

Horse and Pig DNA Found in Tesco Ground Beef

Ground (allegedly) beef burger products across the UK and Ireland test positive for horse and pig meat, much to Tesco's chagrin

Pacific Bluefin Tuna Population Depleted by 96 Percent

A new study by the International Scientific Committee for Tuna and Tuna-Like Species in the North Pacific Ocean shows the devastating effects of overfishing

World Food Prices Saw Decline By End of 2012

The global food supply appears to be improving compared to 2011, but there's still a long way to go

Mad Cow Disease Leads to Brazilian Beef Import Ban

Five countries around the world are none too impressed with beef from Brazil after two year old news of a suspected bovine spongiform encephalopathy case emerged

Mislabeled Fish a Rampant Concern, Says New Study

Misidentified fish? In MY fish market? It's more likely than you think

Center for Food Safety Fights Monsanto on GMO Patents

The reach of patent protection for genetically modified crops is going to the United States Supreme Court

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