Woman Fights to Legalize Kinder Surprise Eggs in US

It's one woman against the world in the fight to bring US children the wonders of the Kinder egg
 Kinder Surprise
If you’ve ever lived in Europe, you know that few chocolate treats are quite as ubiquitous as the Kinder Surprise. Made by Italian chocolate manufacturer Ferrero SpA (you may know them best for their Ferrero Rocher chocolates or Nutella spread), the Kinder Surprise is just a simple chocolate egg shaped candy. It’s much like a Cadbury Creme Egg only, instead of a fondant filling, the “surprise” inside a Kinder egg is a tiny plastic container housing an even tinier collectible toy.

It’s every child’s dream, but the Kinder Surprise is one dream that can’t be legally realized in the United States. Kinder Surprise eggs are regarded as a choking hazard in the US, and are thusly outlawed under a 1938 law banning the inclusion of “non-nutritive items” inside of candies. But there are those who are fighting this ban, including one woman who has launched a blog of her battle known simply as: Free the Egg.


Leslie Dannelly, the woman behind the Free the Egg blog campaign, first fell in love with Kinder Surprise while living abroad as a child. Now with her husband stationed in Germany, her love for the chocolate treats were rekindled – and where she was horrified to learn that her Kinder egg love affair would be cut short when they returned stateside. Not only are Kinder Surprise eggs not sold in the US, but trying to ship a Kinder egg home only ends in tears and returns once the box hits customs. According to NFW Daily News, nearly 25,000 Kinder Surprise eggs were seized by US Customs and Border Protection last year alone.

“Why we have this site,” says Dannelly’s blog, “[is] to combat the stupidity of this law. The [Kinder Surprise] egg has a warning stating that the product is not suitable for ages 0 to 3. What more is needed? Is the American parent not intelligent enough to watch what their child eats? Are we not intelligent enough to prevent our children from cramming the plastic egg or toy down their throats? It’s an insult and, quite frankly, embarrassing.”

Dannelly’s blog contains a petition, a running blog of Kinder Surprise history and news on all things Kinder and Ferrero, and an urge to take action by signing the petition, spreading the word, and writing your state representative to take a second look at the law that has allowed toy-filled confections like Cracker Jack to be sold unabated in the US while Kinder Surprise stays on the outside looking in.

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