Wine Sale Site Lot18 Expanding to Include Gourmet Food

Niche flash sale sites are growing every day and Lot18 is at the top of the heap
 Lot18 to Include Gourmet Food

New York based wine flash sale site Lot18 has announced today that they will be expanding the scope of their site to include gourmet food. Since its relatively recent launch in November, the wine flash sale site has grown by leaps and bounds catering to thousands of subscribers worldwide. With this rapid expansion, Lot18 now is now able to start enhancing its core products with gourmet food to complement every wine selection.

“We started Lot18 to help our members discover great wines,” wrote Lot18 Gourmet Food Specialist Katy Andersen on the Lot18 blog. “We truly believe that a major part of enjoying a fantastic bottle is the context: great company and great food. While we’ve tried to help with the latter by suggesting wine pairings with each bottle, we’re now going one step further: we’re bringing the right food to you.”




Though sites like Groupon have been feeling a backlash lately, Lot18 is a totally different beast. Rather than selling promises of a deal on an experience, Lot18 is more in line with sites like Gilt Taste and ideeli in selling an actual product directly at a discount. “Groupon sells digital group-activated coupons,” Lot18’s Philip James told Forbes. “We connect consumers to actual products, not coupons, directly from makers at wineries, artisans, and so on.”

The new Lot18 expansion officially kicks off today: there are already some tasty looking morsels up on the site. Today, Lot18 is offering deals on fine artisan-cured meats from Creminelli (sourced from heritage breeds on sustainable family farms and perfect for a lighter red wine), a tasting set of French cheeses with a serving kit and petit mini toasts, and a duo of Kuma Coffee from Guatemala and Papua New Guinea. 

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