Unilever Rebrands Ketchup Lines in Russia

Could a redesign and relaunch of its Baltimor and Calve ketchup brand help Unilever corner the ketchup market in Russia?
 Unilever Rebrands Ketchup Lines in Russia

Did you know that Russia is one of the largest ketchup markets in the world? If you don’t know, now you know – ketchup is reportedly second only to mayonnaise in terms of favored condiments, and Russian diners are said to consume double the ketchup of diners in the United States. In 2005 Heinz introduced its own brand to the Russian ketchup market in an attempt to maximize sales; in 2009 Unilever entered the ring in a different way by purchasing Baltimor, Russia’s biggest ketchup and sauce production business. Now it’s hoping to raise its market share even further with a full revamp of its Baltimor and Calvé Russian ketchup brands.

Unilever chose brand development agency Anthem Worldwide to carry out the rebranding, which includes a beefed-up logo and label design that reflects both Russian iconic imagery and references to the ingredients that make up the ketchups. Consumers should look out for the new ketchup lines in “early November,” and a TV ad and social media campaign will follow soon after.  




 “Anthem have done a fantastic job of distilling what makes Baltimor ‘uniquely Russian’ and conveying this in a truly appealing and bold way,” said Bas Smit, Brand Development Director at Unilever, in a statement to the press. “Russians are proud of their heritage and we believe that by reminding them of our position as a local, premium brand that caters for the country’s love of ketchup on a variety of dishes, from pizza and pasta to meat, fish and eggs, we are offering something that is exceptional.”

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