Train Announces Launch of 'Drops of Jupiter' Wine

Soft rock staple Train diversifies its portfolio with a wine production company
 Train Announces ‘Drops of Jupiter’ Wine

Do you love the band Train? Do you also love wine, but wish your romantic dinner was fraught with more Train references? Well then, all aboard: Train knows you have a fever, and their cure is a wine production company and the launch of their own Train branded wine named Drops of Jupiter.

For those not in the know, Train has been in the wine game for a while with an online wine club. Led by Train guitarist (and wine enthusiast) Jimmy Stafford, the Train Wine Club features a Wine of the Month that members can have delivered, plus recommended wine bars, fan recommendations, a Train-based internet radio station, and even a corresponding mobile app. It’s everything a wine loving Train fan could want – almost. So the band decided to close the loop by producing a wine of its very own.




Today on the Train Wine Club blog, Stafford announced that Train has partnered with Concannon Vineyard in Livermore, CA, to create the Save Me San Francisco Wine Company (that’s another Train reference, natch) and will be releasing its own wine, Drops of Jupiter, on July 18. The petite sirah will be available online or in select markets.

According to an interview with the Associated Press, for Train this new venture isn’t about profit but community. “I guess what we set out to do was kind of like Jimmy Buffett,” said Stafford. “Jimmy Buffet got known for margaritas because of a song he wrote. ... It almost created this community vibe. We're trying to create just this little vibe, where people come to our shows, bring a picnic basket and bottle of wine." Train is also donating a third of all profits from its Drops of Jupiter wine to San Francisco based charity Family House, which provides temporary homes for the families of sick children. 

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