Towns Call for Lazy Cakes Ban

Lazy Cakes have some up in arms after concerns about child safety
 Lazy Cakes


Yes, Lazy Cakes are brownies. Sometimes, brownies are simple chocolate treats for children. That said, we’re pretty sure nothing about the packaging or intention of Lazy Cakes screams “child appropriate” any more than a brownie from a pharmacy with a green cross in the window. But that hasn’t kept kids from getting into the special candy jar, and now some angry moms are calling for a Lazy Cakes ban.

According to reports, the brownie (which contains eight milligrams of the supplemental sleep aid melatonin) has caused several children to be rushed to the hospital. In one described instance, an Arizona resident gave bites of the brownie to a two-year-old relative who subsequently fell into a deep sleep.

Meanwhile, across the country in Massachusetts, two towns are reportedly campaigning for a statewide ban on Lazy Cakes, citing that the cartoonish packaging makes the brownies too appealing to children despite their decidedly adult contents.




"It's clear to me that a young child would find it attractive and tasty, and it's got chemicals in it that aren't appropriate for kids," said New Bedford Mayor Scott Lang, addressing his campaign to ban Lazy Cakes.

On the other hand, the Lazy Cakes brand stresses that the chocolate treat is explicitly intended for adults and is labeled as such. “We encourage stores to place these products alongside the energy shots or with other dietary supplements that are also produced for adults," said Lazy Cakes CEO Terry Harris.

To those exerting energy on a Lazy Cakes ban, our advice is simply: watch what your children are eating. Just like you wouldn’t sneak your child sips from the whiskey bottle or ply them with full strength codeine when they’re sick, don’t give your two-year-old an adult dose of sleep aids (no matter what cartoon brownie is on the package) and perhaps we can avoid issues like this in the future. 

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