Single-Cup Coffee Machines Recalled for Burn Hazard

Hot coffee: delicious. Scalding coffee: not so much. Tassimo coffee machines are being recalled for too much of the latter
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 Single-Cup Coffee Machines Recalled for Burn Hazard

Bad news for single cup coffee fans: they may be simple, but they might not be so safe. Working in conjunction with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Health Canada, BSH Home Appliances Corp recalled over a million Tassimo Single Cup Coffee Makers today due to burn hazards. As if we needed another reason to stick with our good old-fashioned drip machine. The worst damage we can do with that is dropping the coffee pot on our foot. (Don’t ask.)

According to the CPSC report, the hazard comes from the machines’ plastic disc, called the “T Disc,” which holds the individual packet of coffee or tea. The T Disc has the potential to burst and spray scalding hot liquid (plus hot coffee grounds or tea leaves, depending on your preference) onto the brewer and bystanders. The CPSC also reports that there have been 140 reported incidents of this happening. 37 reports involved second-degree burns, including a young girl who was hospitalized for burn injuries caused by a wayward coffee maker.

So how do you know if you own one of the offending coffee machines? The CPSC report includes the model number and date codes of the machines being recalled:


BRAND: Bosch
DATE CODES: FD 8806 through 9109

  • TAS46
  • TAS100
  • TAS200
  • TAS451
  • TAS651


BRAND: Tassimo Professional
DATE CODES: FD 8905 through 9109

  • TAS6512CUL


All other models of Tassimo coffee machines are considered safe. If you do have one of the defective machines, the CPSC recommends not using it until you have contacted Tassimo at 866-918-8763 or for a free T Disc replacement.


[SOURCE: CPSC via Gothamist]

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