Kinder Eggs Involved in a Breach of Security!

U.S. Border Patrol detain two men for chocolate trafficking, in a rare twist of fate, as Americans overreact...again
 Kinder Smuggle!

Just when you think the United States couldn’t get any more hysterical about security, they go and detain two men from Seattle at the Canada border crossing for possession of, wait for it…chocolate eggs. 

When border agents asked  Brandon Loo and Christopher Sweeney to open their trunk, on what we're guessing was the suspicion of chocolate trafficking, they had no choice but to comply. The two men were then detained for more than two hours at the Canadian border crossing after border agents found that they were carrying six Kinder Surprise eggs.

As a lack of common sense would have it, the U.S. has a ban on the popular German Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs that are each filled with a small plastic toy, because they’re deemed a "choking hazard".  (Though we guess the toys in ’kids' meals are okay.)


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According to Mike Milne of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, it’s a “problem” that’s been going on for years, especially during Easter when the egg-related crime rate soars:

"Kinder eggs are prohibited just like narcotics are prohibited," he said. "Our officers, if they encounter prohibited stuff, they're subject to seizure."

Yes, he just compared narcotics to Kinder eggs, and yes he said “the movement of” in relation to chocolate and plastic toys.  Although Loo and Sweeney were threatened with thousands of dollars in fines($2,500 per egg in fact), the pair were released with a warning after two hours of interrogation, and the border patrol even let them keep the eggs.  Marvelous use of time and resources.

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