Ragu For All Your Most Traumatizing Childhood Moments

What is going on in the newest ad for Ragú pasta sauce? Sweet bedroom action and your traumatized kid
 Ragu For All Your Most Traumatizing Childhood Moments

Ragú, what are we going to do with you? “Sex sells” is about as common a maxim as you can get in the marketing world, but we’re not so sure anyone had “thinking about your parents having sex” in mind when coining the phrase. Then again, sometimes it takes a weird and bold idea to propel a commercial to internet stardom, and in Ragú’s case it may have paid off. The Unilever-owned pasta sauce’s new ad has become a media darling for its implication that it’s more than your average tasty red sauce – it’s so tasty, in fact, that it can erase the trauma of walking in on your parents in flagrante delicto, which is very helpful indeed if you’re still too young to drink heavily.  

“One of the most mortifying moments of childhood revealed,” Ragú’s Facebook page crows as it introduces us to an ill-fated boy running into his parents bedroom to show them something, opening the door to the lilting strains of an oddly specific country song (“parents in bed / but it’s just eight o’clock / that’s why they taught you / you should always knock…”), and staggering away with a haggard thousand-yard stare. Next thing you know: pasta time! Before we know what’s hit us, everyone’s gathered around the dinner table with dad looking relieved and the boy back to normal and nodding in approval.

Gawker posits, and probably rightly so, that there couldn’t have been anything TOO kinkily outré going on or Ragu just wouldn’t have cut it  (“everyone knows that's worth at least a day at Six Flags”). But really though, why limit our imaginations? For our own amusement, we’re imagining that the boy walked in on that scene from The Shining. (You know, THAT scene. With the dude in the dog costume.)

But whatever the horrific situation, it was all worth it – Ragú has certainly made an impression on the internet this week, and isn’t that what it’s all about?


[SOURCE: Gawker]

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