Paula Deen to Come Clean About Diabetes Diagnosis?

Rumor has it America's favorite butter loving matriarch may be preparing to own up to health complications
 Paula Deen to Come Clean About Diabetes Diagnosis?

Paula Deen isn’t a chef known for her health-conscious ways. To the contrary, the Food Network star and Maxim’s Hottest Female Chef winner might just be the Woman Most Likely to Be Associated with Butter since the UK’s Two Fat Ladies stopped filming. But, as we’ve always known, all that delicious fat has to come with a price – and the stories coming out are that the lady herself is preparing to acknowledge that she herself can’t eat most of her own calorific dishes thanks to a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes.

The Daily reports that Deen is getting ready to make a public announcement about her Diabetes as part of a multi-million dollar deal she has worked out with Novartis, a pharmaceutical company who produces the medication she currently takes to control her condition. The sponsorship is a smart move on Paula’s part, financially speaking, as it could very well mitigate any fallout in her cooking career related to the revelation.

And that’s a very real concern.

Paula Deen Loves Krispy Kreme [Credit: Food Network Humor]

[photo credit: Food Network Humor]

Paula Deen’s persona is so strong, her son Bobby Dean is building a show around the fact that he’s not cooking like his mom, simply taking his mom’s recipes and cutting out the calories. To understand the premise, you have to be familiar with Paula’s modus operandi – and that’s not a problem, because everybody is. But it’s a little hard to keep that persona up when your health won’t allow it and everybody knows it.

So the question becomes: where will her career go from here? A source for The Daily has suggested that “Paula Deen is going to have to reposition herself now that she has diabetes… she’s going to have to start cooking healthier recipes.” But that doesn’t seem too likely: it’s too much of a 180 and, besides, from the looks of it her son already has that market cornered. Would she move on to other pursuits like producing, or focus more on the endorsements and retail side of her empire? Or, at the age of 64 and a reported net worth of $16 million, might she just kick back and enjoy her golden years in retirement?

It’s even possible that all of this is just rumor. But HuffPo points out that Paula is preparing will soon have Oprah as a guest in her own home for an episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter on OWN. A home interview, “Next Chapter” – if those don’t sound like a clue to a huge life-changing reveal, then we don’t know what does, so we’re betting on this rumor being the real deal. As far how it will change Paula Deen’s career? That’s much harder to conjecture, but we’ll be interested to watch and find out. 

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