Olympic Sponsor Heineken Criticized by Pub Advocates

British pub advocates are not thrilled with the idea of Heineken as the official beer of the London Olympic Games
 Olympic Sponsor Heineken Criticized by Pub Advocates

The citizens of London are quite proud of their city and country’s beer and pub culture, and with that in mind the official beer sponsor of the London 2012 Olympic Games is a brand that represents England through and through – no just kidding, it’s Heineken. This is a fact that apparently isn’t sitting well with some members of parliament. In particular, MP Greg Mulholland is speaking out against the Olympic Committee for choosing a continental European beer over a domestic as the official sponsor of the games.

Mulholland released a statement on his website expressing his dismay with the committee and his support of British beer:


"I am extremely disappointed by the Olympic Committee's decision to have Heineken as the official beer for London's Olympic Games. Beer is the UK's national drink and the country has a strong and ancient tradition of brewing; by choosing a mass produced bland foreign lager, the committee has ignored all the wonderful, traditional beers that the UK has to offer and instead gone for the company with the biggest cheque book.

"The Olympic Games is a prime opportunity for Britain to showcase the best of British, including the opportunity to promote its traditional beers and its thriving brewing industry. By opting for Heineken as the official beer, the opportunity has been lost. The decision is completely at odds with the strong positive British identity of the bid and the forthcoming London 2012 Olympics."


In response, Heineken has released its own statement to the press expressing its pride with being chosen as the official supplier and partner to the London 2012 Olympic Games and its commitment to responsible marketing and its track record of sports sponsorships and whatnot. It also has to be pointed out that Heineken is not even just Heineken anymore – the global brewing parent company Heineken International houses dozens of beer brands, and its own UK brands John Smith’s and Strongbow Cider will also be available at Olympic venues. So that’s nice. But in the eyes of UK citizens it probably won’t make up for the fact that there is still a Dutch beer company pulling the strings.

Meanwhile, beleagured French fry monopolist McDonald’s is probably just glad that authorities are picking on another sponsor for a change.


[SOURCE: Yahoo Sports]

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