LivingSocial Offers Coupon for Whole Foods Market

A $10 coupon for $20 worth of groceries: not a bad deal, Whole Foods
 Whole Foods Parking Lot

We don’t always approve of every daily deal that comes down the pike – but when we do, it’s a good one. Take today’s LivingSocial deal, for instance. The daily deal site partnered up with the upscale, organic-friendly grocery joint Whole Foods Market, and the result is a $10 coupon that’s good for $20 worth of groceries. So far, we’re not seeing a downside.

“Whether you want local produce; freshly prepared foods; gluten-free goodies; or you simply want to avoid artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners, and hydrogenated fats, Whole Foods Market has you covered,” reads the LivingSocial website. Unlike some daily deals that lock you into a particular meal or service, this is totally open ended. Want to load up on cereal? Do it. Want to stock up at the fresh seafood counter? The world is your oyster, and so is dinner.




The deal sounds good enough on its own, but Whole Foods also sweetens the pot with a little good will on the side. “As if paying only half price for groceries wasn't enough,” LivingSocial continues, “Whole Foods Market is donating 5% of the sale price to the new Whole Kids Foundation.” With projects in the works like school garden grants and movements for implementing salad bars in school cafeterias, the Whole Foods sponsored foundation is geared toward ending childhood obesity by improving nutrition and education at the source.

So let’s see: for ten dollars you get twice the fresh groceries (or a better brand of grab-and-go), plus the peace of mind that you’ve done a little something for someone else in the process. If that doesn’t put a little spring in your step this morning, we don’t know what will. Check it out here.

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