Halloween Wine: How to make Halloween fun for grown-ups

The authors of Barrysentials, The He Said ~ She Said Wine Blog, offer Food and Drink Digital their take on the best Halloween wines
 The Vampire Wines Collection  Blood Red 'Vampire' Wine

A contributing piece from Barrysentials Wine: The He Said ~ She Said Wine blog

HE says:  Halloween is now the official start of "holiday season," have you noticed?

SHE says: Yes, I have noticed.

HE continues: In some stores, winter holiday decorations sit right around the aisle from Halloween decorations. Quality Halloween gifts for grown-ups haven't yet caught up with the plethora of winter holiday gifts, but every year there are more and more Halloween gift items. Ignore the tons of cheap plastic stuff made in China - we are here to give you a decent Halloween gift.

SHE says: My favorite Halloween gift?  Halloween wines! It never fails when I bring, say Vampire Wine to a Halloween party. I'm the belle of that particular ball.

HE and SHE both say:  A word to the wine wise:  If your Halloween party is full of wine aficionados - you're taking a risk bringing a wine that is mostly marketing savvy.  They'll see right through that.  Instead, we give you two choices to satisfy the more distinctive side of the wine experienced:

1.      If you don't have time to taste several wines and choose one you really like, bring any blood red wine with a Robert Parker rating of 86 and above. You'll fit right in and your gift will be appreciated.

SHE says: Place your wine in a celebratory Halloween bag, wear some vampire teeth and you're done!  This is the slacker's success guide to Halloween wine.  

2.      Bring a real wine from Transylvania! What?! Yes, for real! Send them an email and ask where their wines are distributed in the US. I bet you didn't know that Transylvania has some absolutely great wines. The legend goes - and now you'll be perpetuating the legend - that Transylvania had the finest vineyards in the world at the time of the Roman’s invasion of Romania. The story tells that the Romans dug up and stole the Transylvanian grape vines, took them back to Italy and transplanted them.

SHE says:  Is it a true legend?  Who knows?!  Is it a fun story?  Yes!  So put on some spooky music, doctor up the story to suit your own imagination and for one night be "the most interesting person at the party" with your Transylvanian wine.


SHE says: For the rest of us, without the high-maintenance, I mean,distinctive palate, the following Halloween wines can be great Halloween gifts for grown-ups:

Vampire Vineyards from TI Beverages: I buy this wine almost every year. Just touching the bottle makes me feel like a better marketer. I lust after their marketing. They used to import wine from Transylvania and give it their own Vampire label. Now, Vampire Vineyards uses grapes grown in California and France.

Here’s what they offer:

  • The "Vampire" label - Five wines: Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Merlot, White Zinfandel, Chardonney, Pinot Grigio   (The Cabernet is my favorite)   
  • The "Dracula" label - Aged for 18 months in oak cask(et)  3 wines: Syrah, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel 
  • Trueblood - Aged 23 months in another oak cask(et)  Just one wine: Pinot Noir
  • Chateau du Vampire - Midnight Rendevous
  • Chateau du Vampire - Rousanne - a white wine

I tried them all in one day at the Vampire Lounge in Beverly Hills. They are all excellent wines for a Halloween dinner or Halloween party.  These wines last just one day after you open them, so share with friends and practice responsible drinking. Want to know more? Visit them online at, of course, brands now extend from here to infinity, so if you can't choose a decent Halloween gift from their website - get thee to a therapist. 

HE says:  I saw some Halloween themed wines at World Market, but haven't tasted them. I can't vouch for them, but if you're going for "effect" and adding to the spirit of the party, try one of these! 

Any other foodie ideas for Halloween gifts?  

HE and SHE both say: Just one. Our friends at Fancifull Gift Baskets have two yummy Halloween gift baskets.  Everything, and we mean everything we've ever tasted from Fancifull is a 10. Period.

Have a safe and yummy grown-up Halloween!

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