Get Your Fix at Starbucks Vending Machines

Partnering with Coinstar, Starbucks announces plans to roll out hundreds of coffee vending machines by end of year
 To-go gets even more convenient.

Caffeine addicts know when a craving strikes they’ll stop at nothing to get a fix. Now, Starbucks – yes, the food and beverage giant who has established a location on literally every street corner in every major U.S. city – has made their coffee even more readily accessible with the announcement of coffee kiosks.

Partnering with Coinstar, roughly 500 kiosks will be rolled out in grocery, drug and mass merchant stores by the end of the year, meaning Starbucks junkies will be able to get their hands on a tasty cup of joe any hour of the day or night.

Customers grumbling about price hikes for their regular beverage-of-choice will see cost savings with drinks starting at just a buck for a cup of coffee and some extra change for a fancier drink. Residents in the Northeast and West Coast will be the first to be treated to the to-go vending machines with Starbucks planning to establish thousands of locations in the next several years.


The New Vending Machine

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Earlier this year we discussed some new and unique takes on vending machines offerings, with everything from convenient Sprinkles cupcakes to decidedly healthier fare for sale. With Americans’ penchant for all things sugary, fatty and sodium-laden coming from the traditional vending machine, only time will tell how we will accept these new developments (meaning we’re pretty sure coffee and cupcakes will get the thumbs up but we’re not sold on the idea of buying edamame out of a machine.)

But with our culture’s pursuit and approval of all things convenient, we’re pretty sure these new vending machines represent a new trend of the future. Now, only the limits of our imagination will dampen the vending machine possibilities glistening on the horizon.

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