George Clooney to Launch 'Casamigos' Tequila Line

No celebrity wine for the trend-defiant George Clooney and business partner Rande Gerber - just celebrity tequila
 George Clooney to Launch ‘Casamigos’ Tequila Line

George Clooney isn’t like the others. He’s not about to jump on the celebrity wine bandwagon just because everyone from Dave Matthews and Drew Barrymore to Adrian Grenier and Bethenny Frankel are doing it. No, George Clooney is a celebrity who marches to the beat of a different drummer. That’s why he’s producing a line of celebrity tequila instead.

Reports have it that Clooney is teaming up with Rande Gerber to bring a Mexican tequila they’ve been enjoying for years into the U.S. market. Many are referring to Gerber as Cindy Crawford’s husband (which, to be fair, he totally is), but he’s also an entrepreneur in his own right as the owner of a nationwide chain of bars and lounges. An article in the Wall Street Journal begins with Gerber talking about his first alcohol venture, a white rum called Caliche which he debuted earlier this month during a star-studded event at his Los Angeles club the Stone Rose. It’s only in the last paragraph that conversation turns to the partnership between Gerber and Clooney on the upcoming tequila project. Talk about burying the lede:


The rum will start hitting shelves in the next few weeks. Mr. Gerber and his good friend George Clooney also plan to bring to market a tequila they've been drinking for the last few years… Messrs. Clooney and Gerber hope to keep the tequila (and the rum) at a reasonable price point. "I don't think we're going to be following all the rules," Mr. Gerber said of his endeavors. "We know we have a product we love and we drink, and other people will enjoy. The product speaks for itself."


According to Gerber, the name of his tequila project with Clooney is “Casamigos,” inspired by the houses the two friends own in Mexico. (This truly is a good week for portmanteaus, is it not?) Given that George Clooney is not – to our knowledge – a master distiller, we appreciate that the project is less about developing a new low-cal/flavored/otherwise unique tequila so much as just simply sharing a tequila that he enjoys. It’s the same way Danny Devito’s Limoncello got started – and wouldn’t you know it, that story involved George Clooney as well. It looks like the man knows a thing or two about good times with alcohol. We suppose we’ll trust him to at least recommend us a good brand of tequila.



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