Frito-Lay Makes Cheesy Poofs a Reality

Eric Cartman's favorite snack is brought into the real world as Frito-Lay helps celebrate 15 years of South Park
 Frito-Lay Makes Cheesy Poofs a Reality

Has South Park really been on the air for 15 years now? Talk about making this editor feel old. Anyway, Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s life work has grown from a small cult favorite to a cultural icon over the course of this decade and a half, and it has a lot to do with the show’s diehard legion of fans. With South Park’s 15th season ready to debut in August, Comedy Central is pulling out all the stops to give back to the fans, including a massive 15,000-foot “South Park Fan Experience” exhibit at this week’s San Diego Comic-Con. Of course, no true South Park experience would be complete without a taste of the show’s ubiquitous Cheesy Poofs – and Frito-Lay is making it happen.

“As part of an extensive promotional campaign, Year of the Fan, to observe the 15th season of the show,” reports the New York Times, “Comedy Central, which has been presenting South Park since August 1997, is teaming up with the Frito-Lay division of PepsiCo to produce 1.5 million packages of Cheesy Poofs to be sold in Wal-Mart stores beginning next month.”




Wal-Mart will be hocking 2.3 ounce bags of South Park limited edition Cheesy Poofs for the low, low price of $2.99 – quite a premium considering that’s the average going rate for a 12 oz bag of nonfictional Chee-tos. But if you’re headed to San Diego Comic-Con this year, you can bypass Wal-Mart and go directly to the South Park Experience exhibit that will be set up just outside the convention center. In the South Park cafeteria, you can pick up a promotional bag for free. Look out for Cheesy Poofs-stuffed trip report from yours truly on Monday. 

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