Drew Barrymore Enters Wine Business with Pinot Grigio

A new celebrity wine from Drew Barrymore - could this one have substance to match its style?
 Drew Barrymore Enters Wine Business with Pinot Grigio

Are we obsessed with novelty wine, or is it just in extremely abundant supply these days? It seems like we can’t turn a corner without running into a bottle being sold less on the strength of its flavor so much as the strength of its gimmicks or attachments to a big celebrity name. Today, we’ve caught wind that actress Drew Barrymore is preparing to launch a Pinot Grigio featuring grapes from northeastern Italy.

Why? Well, why not? “Wine is all about the journey,” reads the press release from distributor Wilson Daniels. “The discovery of new wines, new regions and new vintages is what keeps wine exciting to novices and enthusiasts alike. For Drew Barrymore, it was the journey that propelled her to delve into the world of wine and with an eponymously named Pinot Grigio. A fan of crisp, fruity white wines, Barrymore has created a wine that reflects her style and personality: fresh, dynamic and fun.”




The grapes that go into this extremely pale straw-tinted wine hail from Friuli Venezia Giulia, Trentino Alto Adige and Veneto, regions just south of the Alps in Triveneto. The packaging is also quite stylish, with a label designed by street artist Shepard Fairey and featuring the Barrymore family crest.

We aren’t sure if this is a ladies’ wine, because although it’s touted as fresh and light there’s no mention anywhere of its calorie count – for that, we thank Ms. Barrymore and are well positioned to assume the best. But for any other judgments about the content or character of this wine, we’ll just have to wait until it’s launched. Luckily we won’t have to wait long – the 2011 Pinot Grigio (suggested retail: $19.99) is scheduled to launch in Spring 2012 starting in California.


[SOURCE: Wilson Daniels via Huffington Post]

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