ConAgra Responds to Sarah Palin Slim Jim Anecdote

Did the price of a Slim Jim really triple? Not so much, says ConAgra
 ConAgra Responds to Sarah Palin

In the Age of Information, you have to be careful what you say – you never know who might be listening. That goes double when you’re already in the public eye. So when Sarah Palin recently spoke out to Newsweek about the rising cost of food in the United States, livened up with an anecdote about her husband Todd Palin having to pay $2.69 for his favorite Slim Jim snack that had always been 99 cents in the past, she should have known that it might catch ConAgra’s attention. The Slim Jim manufacturer was not amused, and was prompted to respond to her story.

According to NPR, ConAgra spokesperson Teresa Paulson responded to the comments in a statement to PolitiFact, an online news operation looking to fact check Palin’s complaints, which ran in Newsweek as follows:

I was ticked off at Todd yesterday. He walks into a gas station as we're driving over from Minnesota. He buys a Slim Jim — we're always eating that jerky stuff — for $2.69.

I said, 'Todd, those used to be 99 cents, just recently!' And he says, 'Man, the dollar's worth nothing anymore.' A jug of milk and a loaf of bread and a dozen eggs — every time I walk into that grocery store, a couple of pennies more...




Paulson told PolitiFact that the Palins may have intended to snap into a Slim Jim, but in fact reached for something else at the check-out stand. "We admire Mr. Palin's taste and appreciate his support,” said Paulson, “[but] we haven't raised the price significantly on any Slim Jim products. Our iconic Slim Jim Giant Sticks are priced around $1.30. Mr. Palin might have been reaching for one of our Slim Jim Monster Sticks, which offers double the meat for $2.30, or our Slim Jim Kippered Beef Steak, which typically sells for around $2.65."

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