Candwich -- The Sandwich in a Can -- Hits the Market

Do you have peanut butter and jelly in a can? Better let it out...
 Candwich: Sandwich in a Can

Have you ever looked at a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and thought – this simply isn’t convenient enough? Perhaps what you need is a sandwich in a can – a candwich, if you will. Well then, you’re in luck: the Candwich has finally made it out of our dreams and into production, and is now available for purchase on Mark One Foods’ website.

Candwich is quite literally a sandwich in a can – no more and no less. Cracking open the can reveals a bun with filling packets, and the “candy surprise inside” has been revealed as a piece of Laffy Taffy. Candwich is being marketed as the perfect lunch product for busy people on the go, including “students, construction workers, soccer moms, and outdoor enthusiasts,” for its convenient all-in-one “grab and go” design and the way its contents are sealed in an aluminum packaging that lends it not only waterproof protection but a bomb shelter-ready indefinite shelf life.




So far the only Candwich flavor ready to order is peanut butter with grape jelly, but the Mark Ones Foods website promises to have strawberry jelly and BBQ chicken available soon.  The site touts the Candwich as “great tasting,” but unbridled curiosity compels us to say, “We’ll be the judge of that!” Luckily for us, a four-pack is only $12 (that comes out to $72 for a 24-pack, for those who really want to commit). It might add up to a little more per sandwich than your average PB&J, but what you lose in money you make up in sweet, sweet convenience.

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