Bethenny Frankel Enters the Wine Business

More celebrity wine? Bring it on, this time from reality star and Skinnygirl mogul Bethenny Frankel
 Bethenny Frankel Enters the Wine Business

Is there such a thing as too much celebrity-branded booze? That seems doubtful – the only thing people like more than celebrities is partying like their favorite celebrities. Perhaps that’s why Bethenny Frankel is so tenacious. Only a few months ago the entrepreneur and former Real Housewives of New York City star ended up in hot water over her Skinnygirl cocktail mixes, which may or may not be as “all-natural” as their labels claimed. But she’s bouncing back undaunted and bringing the Skinnygirl label to a different kind of alcohol. So move over, Dave Matthews and Adrian Grenier, because Skinnygirl wine is vying for a spot on the celebrity wine rack.

“I’m not a wine connoisseur, but I do love a refreshing, great tasting glass of wine and that’s what I’ve created,” says Frankel on her Skinnygirl website. Because this new endeavor is within the Skinnygirl line, the hook is that it’s low-calorie – at 100 calories per serving, Frankel touts it as “15 percent lower than most other brands.” How exactly does one cultivate special “low calorie” wine? We’re not exactly sure, though according to a piece in Wine Spectator Frankel attributes her brand’s caloric properties to paying special attention to grape variety and ripeness at harvest.




Of course, Wine Spectator also notes that 100 calories per serving is actually the average for a glass of wine. But hey, that varies from bottle to bottle. What’s more, the squeaky wheel gets the grease – most wines don’t make it a point to mention their nutritional values, and someone whose primary concern is counting calories will be a lot more likely to pick up a bottle of Skinnygirl based on brand recognition (and the built-in implication of weight loss) alone. For those who are in the market for a skinnier glass of wine, get ready: Bethenny’s red, white, and rosé blends will be hitting store shelves this April for the low price of $15 a bottle.


[SOURCE: Wine Spectator via Eater; PHOTO: Skinnygirl]

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