Another Wine For the Ladies Hits the Market

Treasury Wine launches Be. - a line of wines for the millennial gal
 Another Wine For the Ladies Hits the Market

When it rains, it pours – and this month it’s pouring “ladies’ wine” by the bucket. Last week, Bethenny Frankel unveiled her Skinnygirl wine in conjunction with the Winery Exchange; this week, global wine company Treasury Wine Estates unveiled its own new wine collection entitled “Be.” The link between the two lines: they’re both designed to appeal expressly to women.

Actually the target audience for Be. (with its Tumblr-ready name destined to drive MS Word grammar checks bonkers) is a little more narrow. According to the press release, Be. is “designed to appeal to the increasingly influential wine demographic of Millennial women.” In other words, it’s designed to hit that 20-something demographic sweet spot:


"Be. is about inspiring Millennial women to open up to the exciting world of wine without taking it too seriously," said Stephen Brauer, Managing Director for Beringer BBU. "This launch of this brand is particularly important to us because the women behind its inception are among the most curious and influential in the industry right now. We want to make sure they feel inspired to explore and are rewarded with a small but exciting indulgence."


Neither the press release nor the website actually mentions the names of the “women behind [Be.]’s inception,” so that’s interesting. What they do note is that Be. gives women the chance to match their wines to their moods – whether that mood is “fresh” (Chardonnay), “flirty” (Pink Moscato), “bright” (Pinot Grigio), or “radiant” (Riesling).

“Finally, an excuse for being moody!” the website exclaims. We’ll just let that line stand right there without further comment.




If you don’t feel like breakdancing to steel drums in flip flops (fresh!) or dashing from spin class to BFF karaoke night (radiant!), perhaps that’s the time to pick up a bottle of red wine – there’s not a pinot noir or merlot to be found in this lineup. Perhaps, just like beer, dark wines are strictly for bros.

For all we know it might actually be pretty tasty – but marketing like this doesn’t inspire much hope. The gist behind all “girl drinks” seems to be that a woman can’t handle the complexity of a REAL wine or beer or spirit, necessitating a drink that’s Ph-balanced just for us – when, in fact, we know plenty of women (millennial women, even!) with impressive knowledge of wine by any standards.

At least, at a $9-12 price range, it’s a little more bang for the buck than Skinnygirl. Hopefully it’s keeping our calories as carefully in mind. Wouldn’t want to lose this girlish figure, after all.


[SOURCE: PRNewswire via Jezebel]

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