An Open Letter to Big Red Wines

Contributing author Kris Barber sends his regards to red wine
 Red wine is losing its appeal

By Kris BarberThe Wine Rogue

So you’ve come back. Do you really think you can just come traipsing back into my life again after leaving for an entire summer? You want me to just pick you up again as if everything was fine? Am I really supposed to just take you back?

Sorry Honey. I’ve moved on. I’ve met so many fantastic white wines after you left that I barely even remembered you. I met a Torrontes from Argentina. That’s right. We saw Shakespeare in the Park together. Did you know I spent some time on the beach with a Sauvignon Blanc from California? Yup. That was in June and I’ve had that same wine three times since then. Uh huh. Unlike you, it’s crisp and it’s bright and it refreshes me like you never did.

Did you hear I met a Viognier for the first time this July? Well I did. I even brought it to my family picnic. Guess what? They loved it. I might even take it over and introduce it to the guys on game night. So don’t even try to weasel back in like you and me got it goin’ on.

Did you know I had to put the big red wine glasses away after you left? I should have known you wouldn’t be around once the weather got nice. I was so stupid! And I have no doubt that you’re probably showing up in other people’s glasses right now too. No! We’re done! Things are different now. We. Are. Done.

Don’t get me wrong. I wish you well. I mean, you always did go well with steak. Do you still go well with steak? I bet you do. Remember that night at the cabin? The night of two bottles? You were amazing. You’re always amazing on a cold night. We were good together, weren’t we? It would be fun to do something like that again. We have so much history together. It would be a shame to just turn our backs on so much history. Okay, maybe I’ll have just one glass. For old time’s sake —   but I’m not taking you back.

This week’s recommendation:

Guglielmo Private Reserve, Petite Sirah 2007 ($24.99): With flavors of smoke, chocolate, and leather, Guglielmo tastes like something we love to reminisce about but are careful not to talk about. This wine is big and meaty and buxom and delicious and a great way to welcome back the big red wine season. Grab a bottle and create some history.

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A message from the Author:
Hi, my name is Kris Barber. When people ask me what my qualifications are as a wine columnist my answer is simple: I drank a bunch of wine. Okay, maybe it’s not just that. I have worked in the wine industry and I’ve also been an enthusiast for twenty years and on two continents. I've been to countless tastings, I’ve read books, attended classes, kept a meticulous wine journal of everything I’ve tasted which includes notes on food pairings, and have hosted a number of wine themed parties. All of this has helped to educate me about wine. But the thing that really gives me my credentials is that I’ve drunk a bunch of wine. I think of it this way: do you want the surgeon who has read all the books or the one who’s performed the procedure a bunch of times?

In the end, my reviews are just my opinions. Sometimes they fall in line with the Robert Parkers and the Gary Vaynerchuks and sometimes they aren’t even close. I welcome your comments whether you agree or disagree because in the end, they’re all just opinions and the best critic for you, is you. 

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