AC/DC Debuts Wine Collection Through Warburn Estates

Australian wine, Australian rockers, and Woolworths: three great tastes that taste great together?
 If You Want AC/DC-Branded Wine... You Got It

We’d expect branded wine from a band like Train – something about them just seems like the perfect match for easy listening types who’d be totally jazzed to split a band-approved petite sirah out on the grass the next time Train checks in at the Hollywood Bowl. In contrast, we’d never thought of a wine and cheese-laden picnic basket as the appropriate accessory for an AC/DC concert – but perhaps we had them pegged all wrong the whole time, because the Australian rock band has teamed up with New South Wales-based Warburn Estates winery to launch their own official collection.

Australian liquor industry source The Shout reports that the AC/DC line will come in varieties like Back in Black Shiraz, Highway to Hell Cabernet Sauvignon, and You Shook Me All Night Long Moscato, and will be made with grapes sourced from Australia’s Barossa and Coonawarra regions as well as Marlborough in New Zealand.




Steve Donahue, general manager of Woolworths Liquor Group which will be distributing the wine, called the decision to release the wine throughout Australia first a no-brainer. “We wanted to make sure that AC/DC’s hometown fan base could have easy access to their rock icons’ wines,” explained Donahue. “This is a world-wide phenomena and a first in the market place.”

So for those about to get sloshed on AC/DC branded wine, we point you to your nearest Woolworths where the bottles will be launched August 18 at a price point of $16.99 AUD. Just, um… pace yourself, you know? 

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