Simon Cowell to Host Reality Cooking Show in UK

Cowell, Bourdain bring sharp tongues and quick wit to humble chefs for the public's entertainment
 Time to guard those egos, chefs ...

Simon Cowell fans rejoice. Love him or hate him, you’ve got to admit the irritable Brit can offer some prime time entertainment for the masses and now the former American Idol judge will be taking his snarky comments to the kitchen.

The reality food competition show, titled Food, Glorious Food (just try to sing that one without a deep-seated urge to adopt a British lilt) will debut in February on the UK’s ITV1. Though Cowell has reportedly toned it down, relatively, we’re already picturing Gordon Ramsay-esque tirades, possibly some smashed dinnerware and lots and lots of bruised egos.

The Hell’s Kitchen similarities don’t stop there. The same production company behind the fire-breathing chef’s hit shows, Optomen, will be working with Cowell to produce the show. Already coined Eggs Factor by British media, the premise sounds a bit stale: a panel of experts will give home cooks the chance to knock their socks off with one dish they excel at preparing. The winner will be rewarded roughly $30,000 and their winning item will be available to the everyday shopper at British retailer Marks & Spencer. Still, as a host never known to mince words, Cowell’s coolly-delivered criticisms are sure to shake things up a bit.


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With syrupy sweet cooking show personas like Paula Deen and Giada De Laurentiis manning the airwaves, a welcome trend is challenging these archetypes. Sharp-tongued Anthony Bourdain recently announced plans to host a cooking reality show on ABC. Though his hilarious anecdotes and dark-humored wit may be tempered by wholesome co-host Nigella Lawson, the No Reservations host is sure to bring a new brand of worldliness to an otherwise tame-sounding show.

At the end of the day, we all know chefs are generally not the humblest bunch and really, who doesn’t enjoy watching a puffed up sous chef get put in his place once in awhile? Unless you happen to be one of those puffed up sous chefs out there, in which case, casting calls are now open!

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