Rogue Ales Debut Beer Yeast from Brewmaster's Beard

Would you drink a beer made from someone's beard yeast? Rogue Ales are apparently hoping you at least consider the novelty of it
 Rogue Ales Debut Beer Yeast from Brewmaster’s Beard

Happy Lazy Sunday! Have some novelty weirdness courtesy of Rogue Ales.

You know you’re in for a little bit of weirdness when even a news anchor has to stop and say “okay, this next story is exactly why we all say: ‘you know you live in Portland when…’” Portland local news reports that the state’s own craft brewery Rogue Ales is working on a new beer that uses yeast from brewmaster John Maier’s beard.


As a joke, the brewery sent in the sample for testing. Then after hitting a wall while looking for a new yeast strain, they found out that the strain they had sent in was perfect for making beer.

“I think people are going to be excited about it,” said self-described Rogue Mad Scientist John Couchot. “I mean this really is the needle in the haystack, and to find it on our brewmaster is phenomenal."


“Needle in the haystack” is one way to describe it.

It’s obviously an interesting concept to play around with, finding yeasts and other ingredients in previously untapped places, and with extreme measures like Brewdog’s taxidermy-bottled The End of History, the novelty craft beer is nothing new. But using even human cast-offs like hair (or sweat or tears for that matter) might smack a little too much of cannibalism for some peoples’ tastes. Even if Rogue’s as-of-yet-unnamed beard beer turns out delicious and makes it to the tap or to bottles, will brave drinkers find it within them to overcome the uneasiness of drinking yeast from the beard a man has had on his face since the 1970s in order to truly enjoy it?


[SOURCE: KGW via Regretsy]

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