Richard Blais Leads Marathon Team to End Child Obesity

Top Chef All-Stars winner Richard Blais builds a team of first-time marathon runners for child obesity awareness
 Richard Blais Leads Marathon Team

Richard Blais – celebrity chef and owner of Flip burger boutique in Atlanta, Georgia – is best known for his passion for liquid nitrogen and his loss/redemption story between Top Chef Season Four and Top Chef All-Stars. Now Blais is using that cache to bring awareness to a very important cause: childhood obesity. Blais is leading a team of five volunteer first-time marathon runners, dubbed “Team Healthier Generation,” to the NYC Marathon in 2012 in the hopes of raising $50,000 for The Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

Founded in 2005 as a collaborative effort between the American Heart Association and the William J. Clinton Foundation, the Alliance is an organization that works to fight childhood obesity by helping young people gain access to healthier food and physical activity, concentrating their work in the places where they can most directly make a difference – a child’s home, school, and community as a whole.




Richard Blais and Team Healthier Generation are not only raising awareness for this important organization and cause, but are also seeking sponsorships in their runs to help supply the organization with well needed contributions so that it can reach even more children across the country. 

"As a chef and father of two young children, health and nutrition is a huge part of my life," said Blais in a related press release. "I am excited to be working together with the Alliance to promote the importance of health, fitness and general well-being for today's kids. Plus, this will be my very first marathon! I hope we get tons of support."

Interested in learning more about the cause or how you can donate or get involved? Check out or for more details.

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