Norway Butter Plot Thickens With Swedish Smuggling Bust

Enterprising Swedes attempt to profit off the Norwegian butter shortage by smuggling product over the border, to the chagrin of officials
 Norway Butter Plot Thickens With Swedish Smuggling Bust

It has been an interesting winter for Norway – the country is currently fielding a massive butter shortage, brought on by several factors that have caused turbulence within the Norwegian dairy industry. Companies like Synnøve Finden and the massive Tine cooperative have helped ease the Norwegian butter shortage crisis by importing butter from Belgium, but with Norwegian citizens still short on spread for butter cookies and other holiday treats, things are getting interesting. Over the weekend, two Swedes were apprehended with nearly a half-ton of butter smuggled across the border, ready to make a tidy profit off of Norway’s misfortune.

According to reports, two men were arrested on Saturday in Norway and they weren’t empty handed. The two men in question were carrying 550 lbs of butter straight from Sweden, divided up into 18oz packets for easy distribution. Upon being apprehended, the two men confessed their plans to the police.




”They have confessed that they have bought butter in Sweden to sell at a profit in Norway,” legal counsel Amund Sand told the Adresseavisen, a Norwegian newspaper which first reported on the smuggling scandal on Saturday. According to the Adresseavisen, the men were hoping to sell their butter packets for what would equate to $40 a piece.

The report also indicates that this shouldn’t be taken as an isolated incident. The Norwegian butter shortage is expected to last well into next year – which means that, as the country’s citizens grow desperate for their beloved dairy food staple, the black market butter trade could become increasingly common.


[VIA: Gawker]

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