Molson Coors Debuts New Animée Beer For the Ladies

Molson Coors' new beer is strictly for the ladies (and also maybe fans of Bartles & Jaymes)
 Animée For the Ladies

Are women really not buying beer? At Food & Drink Digital we love a good solid stout or porter, calories be damned. But either we’re in the minority or the UK is a totally different beast – according to Molson Coors, females account for only 17 percent of total UK beer sales. Now Molson Coors is attempting to rectify this egregious oversight with Animée, a “bloat-resistant” light beer geared directly to all the ladies in the house still afraid to get tipsy.

“Driving a growth in beer consumption among women is no mean feat,” reads a press release from Molson Coors’ UK and Ireland division. “At Molson Coors we have put a lot of time into finding out why women aren't drinking beer, conducting an insight programme with over 30,000 women, and what would make them change their minds. The result is Animée, which we see as an exciting opportunity to break down the barriers between women and beer. The brand plan and the product design are feminine and sophisticated without being patronising.”




Here at our office we’re mainly just disappointed that, with a name like Animée, it actually doesn’t have anything to do with San Diego Comic-Con (which officially gets underway tomorrow!). Instead, it refers to the French word for “livened up,” probably a nod to this beer’s overriding emphasis on sparkly crispness. Molson Coors’ Animée is 4 percent ABV (so as not to upset a woman’s delicate sensibilities?), less fizzy for bloat control (ladies be dieting!), and is described as “lightly sparkling” with wine cooler or sparkling water-reminiscent flavors like clear filtered, crisp rosé, and zesty lemon.

Does that make it feminine? More so than the usual onslaught of bro-centric Coors commercials, we suppose (especially the ones that imply only guys take the bar exam). But is it patronizing? Well… we’ll let you be the judge on that one. 

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