Lucky Peach Issue 2 Ready to Launch November 15

Get ready: the new Lucky Peach magazine is off to the presses
 Lucky Peach Issue 2 Ready to Launch November 15  lucky peach 2.jpg

Dear David Chang: quit playing games with our hearts. We’ve been obsessively checking our mailboxes all month, slamming them closed dejectedly every time: too much junk mail, not enough Lucky Peach #2. But now we can rest, for a little while at least: McSweeney’s designer Walter Green tweeted today that the new Lucky Peach “Sweet Spot” issue is finally complete and fit to print. Even better, he uploaded a sneak peek of the cover.

lucky peach 2.jpg


First things first: it’s long been hinted at that the focus of this new issue will be candies and pastries (sweet things?), but here we are with a dead fish. Already we’re intrigued about where it’s going with this. Much like the chicken on the cover of summer’s Ramen issue (chicken soup recipe inside!), we assume it will all make sense soon enough.

Second: it’s obvious that Lucky Peach is playing fast and loose with the “quarterly” title (Issue #1 dropped in June), but fans will understand that it’s probably worth the wait. The uninitiated can just infer as much from the teasers on the cover:

  • A foam party with Ferran Adria!
  • An Arnold Palmer Cake recipe from Momofuku Milk Bar pastry chef Christina Tosi!
  •  An article where we can only assume Anthony Bourdain is waxing philosophical about the movie Roadhouse!

Count us in. Meanwhile, Grub Street has the scoop on the iPad app that was supposed to be available for the last issue but hasn’t quite materialized yet. “On the one hand, SF Weekly's Jonathan Kauffman spoke to the McSweeney's camp the other day and was promised the app would be launching ‘soon,’” the NY Mag blog reports. “But on the other hand, Grub Street has heard rumors both that the thing just isn't finished yet, and that Apple may have told McSweeney's to hold off so that the Lucky Peach app can be part of a larger food-app marketing push this fall.”

Well. Whenever it happens, we’re sure it will be well worth the wait. 

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