Lightning Round: Topsy-Turvy Cheeseburgers

What else has been happening on the web this week? Time for a weekend link round-up!
 Lightning Round: Topsy-Turvy Cheeseburgers
  • An antique recipe for batter pudding nearly reduces Peter Meehan to a nervous breakdown. ~ Food52
  • In a story arc begging for a Hollywood reenactment, laid-off financial analyst goes home to the South and finds new career life in the popsicle business. ~ Co.EXIST
  • Abigail Stever and Melissa Schultz open Eat Sweet bakery in New York’s Hudson Valley. Why is this news? Because we are huge Coheed and Cambria fans, and Abigail is the wife of Co&Ca guitarist Travis Stever. Their dragonfly cookies look delicious and adorable. ~ NoiseCreep
  • Papa John’s and Subway take top honors in customer satisfaction among quick service restaurants while McDonald’s scrapes the bottom; in full-service restaurants, Red Lobster and Outback Steakhouse came out on top while Applebee’s and Chili’s brought up the rear. ~ American Customer Service Index
  • Living in California, it can be jarring sometimes to remember that avocados aren’t a year-round staple in most of the country. But apparently the Hass avocado industry is growing because avocados are so hot right now. (Trend alert!) ~ Huffington Post
  • Is it a journalist’s right to live tweet a disappointing experience at a respected restaurant? Is it a chef’s right to bar a journalist from dining at his restaurant after watching said journalist trash his mentor over social media? Is it the journalist’s right to be offended by getting kicked out? The feud between Steve Dolinsky and Graham Elliot raises interesting questions. ~ Eater Chicago
  • KFC Philippines enters viral territory with this insane-looking KFC Streetwise Cheese Top Burger. KFC is smart with its regional rollouts, so there must be a market for this – but who could want such a thing? A sandwich with cheese on the outside is a sandwich only Charlie Kelly could love. (With that said, we did once make and eat a Grilled Charlie and loved it – hey maybe WE are the market for this thing.)  ~ Foodbeast

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