Lightning Round: Lin-Sanity and Astronaut Food

What else has been happening on the web this week? Time for a weekend link round-up!
 Lightning Round: Lin-Sanity and Astronaut Food
  • Ben & Jerry’s changed up its new Lin-Sanity ice cream after drawing some heat for its fortune cookie crumbles. (The lychee honey swirls, however, were allowed to stay.) ~
  • Cornell and the University of Hawaii are looking for volunteers to test space food over four months, Bio-Dome style. Can we just note that a food writer would be extremely valuable in an experiment like this? (Take us, we’re ready!) ~ ABC News
  • A pot of 4,000-year-old noodles? Archaeologically delicious! ~ BBC
  • Should major food corporations be allowed to fund studies on school lunches, even if they seem fair and balanced? There’s no easy answer, but here’s an interesting discussion on the matter. ~ Beyond Chron
  • A Hunger Games cookbook? Yes, please. We’re still salivating over the idea of Katniss’s favorite plummy lamb stew. ~ Food Republic
  •  “Totes Amazeballs” is pretty much the most accurate description possible for a breakfast cereal containing Rocky Road cake, cocoa Pop Rocks, marshmallows, shortbread, and raisins. Dear Kellogg’s: PLEASE make this something we can buy, even if it’s only a limited offer. ~ Huffington Post
  • We’re a little late to the party on this one, but Neil Patrick Harris AND a 4,000-course menu at Michael Voltaggio’s INK is too good not to share. ~ Buzzfeed
  • Is there a place for Rene Redzepi/Grant Achatz-style multi-course modernist cuisine in a beach town like San Diego? ~ San Diego Magazine
  • A bonkers insane horror film about killer sushi from the maker of Machine Girl and Robo Geisha? Sure, we’ll take it. (Slightly NSFW due to two pieces of nigiri getting intimate at the 1:43 mark.) ~ Grub Street


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