Lightning Round: Chicken and Waffles and the Farm Bill

What else has been happening on the web this week? Time for a weekend link round-up!
 Lightning Round: Chicken and Waffles and the Farm Bill
  • Chicken and waffles ice cream sounds like a precarious undertaking – but having had Coolhaus’s bacon and brown butter ice cream, we trust these guys to get it right. (As if we didn’t already have enough reasons to visit L.A. again. ~ Gizmodo
  • Confused about the Farm Bill? Here’s an infographic to help make sense of it. ~ GOOD
  • On a similar note, here’s an infographic to remind everyone that the Farm Bill still has a long ways to go before it’s ideal. ~ Take Part
  • Powerful restaurateurs, bar and lounge owners, hotel executives, liquor suppliers and more all band together to form a lobbying group called the New York City Hospitality Alliance. ~ New York Times
  • One does not simply walk into Cheeseburger in Paradise – unless one is a rabid skunk, in which case we guess it’s pretty simple? ~ Huffington Post
  • Pretty much everything on this list is accurate, but we’ll see your In-N-Out well done fries and raise you one “French fries: animal-style.” ~ The Daily Meal
  • Israeli scientist Daniel Hillel wins the 2012 World Food Prize for innovating the way we bring water to crops in dry lands. ~ IFT
  • Like a key lime pie, but with gin? Sounds lovely for the weekend, we’ll take it. ~ Buzzfeed

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