Lightning Round: BPA, GMOs, and McSweeney's

What else has been happening on the web this week? Time for a weekend link round-up!
 Lightning Round: BPA, GMOs, and McSweeney’s
  • The FDA finally gets around to banning bisphenol-A from sippy cups and baby bottles, but what about the formula cans and food packaging that baby food comes in before it’s put in those cups and bottles? ~ Environmental Working Group
  • How delightful: the USDA is preparing to give Monsanto the OK to produce a new stronger herbicide-resistant GMO soybean. ~ Mother Jones
  • 8 Suprising Uses for an Orange? 3 McDonald’s Built on Top of Nuclear Reactors? 16 Prosecutors Who Like Rainbow Sprinkles On Their Yogurt? Buzzfeed: please get on this. (You’ve already done the lazy salmon and grizzly bears with newsie caps, so we know you’re down for it.) ~ McSweeney’s
  • The United States’ food aid policy gets called out for – surprise – using lobbies to cater to massive agribusinesses at the expense of small businesses and farmers in both the U.S. and developing countries. ~ The Guardian
  • Are real-time mobile apps like OpenTable helping consumers get more in touch with local restaurants? Survey says yes. ~ VentureBeat
  • If you’re not a professional chef already, SF Weekly is here to crush your culinary dreams into a million poorly time-managed and sleep-deprived pieces. ~ SF Weekly
  • The good folks over at Gizmodo pick Food & Drink Digital fave Untappd as one of its Top Android Apps of the Week. Holla! ~ Gizmodo
  • Helpful hints to take some of the guesswork out of scheduling tweets so that your fans will know where to find your food truck. ~ BUStaurant
  • What would an acclaimed astrophysicist/wine enthusiast recommend to accompany a night of casual stargazing? Find out! ~ Buzzfeed
  • Some insight into upcoming trends based on sightings at DC’s Fancy Food Show. Watch out for hemp, Indian cuisine, and more things on sticks. ~ Trent Trendspotter

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