Lightning Round: Beef, Tomatoes, Soup Dumplings, Cats

What else has been happening on the web this week? Time for a weekend link round-up!
 Lightning Round: Beef, Tomatoes, Soup Dumplings, Cats
  • Think ammonium hydroxide is where the chemicals in commercial ground beef end? Think again. ~ Grist
  • Frederick Scott Salyer pleads guilty to racketeering in a price-fixing scheme involving tomatoes. ~ Washington Post
  • Cats love Greek yogurt. Who knew? (It’s actually common sense – EVERYBODY loves Greek yogurt.) ~ Food Republic
  • Would soup dumplings by any other name be as delicious? Chris Crowley examines Chinese cuisine and the authenticity debate. ~ Serious Eats
  • The First Lady prepares to get her hands dirty in the White House Kitchen Garden. ~ Obama Foodorama
  • Kotaku fondly looks back on one of the creepiest video games of recent years – the one that starred the Burger King himself. ~ Kotaku
  • A thoughtful essay on tax credits and the war on obesity. ~ The Atlantic
  • Meme Alert: not only is no one is impressed with your amateur food porn, but now they’re making fun of you for it on the internet. ~ Endless Simmer
  • Another strange example of the U.S. edition of Time making different cover choices than the rest of the world: a missing Rene Redzepi. ~ Huffington Post

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