Lightning Round: Bacon Burgers, Facts and Fiction

What else has been happening on the web this week? Time for a weekend link round-up!
 Lightning Round: Bacon Burgers, Facts and Fiction
  • Who would have thought Southern California of all places would be the region to spawn an all-bacon burger called The ‘Merica? We guess when your normal burgers are 50 percent bacon, you’re already halfway there so you may as well go whole hog. ~ FoodBeast
  • In a show of community and being good neighbors during a disaster, restaurant chains in Colorado offer aid in the form of everything from fundraisers to free food for firefighters. ~ Pizza Marketplace
  • Fast food workers give Redditors the scoop on which items are safe, which are kind of suspect, and which should be avoided like the plague. ~ Reddit
  • Public health attorney Michele Simon offers up a list of ten lawyers currently working hard to improve the food industry. ~ Appetite for Profit
  • Food and poetry: two of our favorite things, and two great tastes that taste great together. ~ Eat This Poem via Saveur
  • Sponsorship at the 2012 Olympics get rocky as the London Assembly votes to ban major corporate sponsors McDonald’s and Coca-Cola from the Games. ~ Huffington Post
  • Are food writers the new crackheads? Eddie Huang says: “yes.” We just want to know where our next éclair fix is coming from. ~ Twitter
  • Josephine “Ann” Harris, owner of Akron restaurant Ann’s Place, passes away after an ecstatic morning of serving breakfast to the President of the United States. ~ Gawker
  • Interested in bringing your cooking expertise to Alabama in exchange for free food court rent and getting screamed at in the face by Gordon Ramsay for being a donkey and nearly killing somebody? Has Food Network got a proposition for you! ~ Eater

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