Kraft Foods Issues 2010 Responsibility Report

Kraft Foods focused on products and policy in its 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report titled "Creating a More Delicious World"
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Today Kraft Foods released its 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report. This report, titled “Creating a More Delicious World,” detailed the changes and sustainability goals that Kraft Food hopes to make a reality by 2015, with 2010 as the base year. “To us,” reads the introduction to Kraft Foods’ report, “a delicious world is about living well and taking care of each other today, while being vigilant about the tomorrow that we’ll leave for the next generations.” From water conservation to packaging reduction, Kraft Foods’ Corporate Responsibility Report outlines some major plans in the works to help Kraft Foods uphold its responsibility to the earth and those living in it.

Some of the highlights of Kraft Foods’ Corporate Responsibility Report include advances that the brand has already made. For example, over the last five years Kraft Foods worked to improve the nutritional profile of 5,500 products, and reduced the sodium of 340 products in North America (effectively removing 6.5 million pounds of salt from dinner tables across the country).




Kraft Foods has also managed to cut its packaging by 200 million pounds, reduced overall waste by 42 percent, and increased its efforts to support sustainable agriculture by maintaining fair trade partnerships and purchasing Rainforest Alliance certified materials for its products.  

“I have always believed that business could be a force for good," said Kraft Foods Chairman and CEO Irene Rosenfeld in the related press release. "Today, I know it is.  As a global food company, we can help raise people up—out of hunger, out of poverty, toward healthier lifestyles—through what we make and how we make it.  And millions of times a day, in ways big and small around the world, we're doing just that."

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