House Foods Tofu Gets Non-GMO Project Seal of Approval

North America's biggest tofu producer gets two thumbs up for using GMO-free soybeans
 House Foods Tofu Gets Non-GMO Project Seal of Approval

It’s hard out here for a tofu fan that wants to stay away from genetically engineered food products. With GMOS making up 94 percent of the United States’ soybean crops, it can be hard to know where to turn. But hey, here’s some good news: House Foods America has just announced that it has received Non-GMO Project Verification for its entire line of tofu products.

According to House Foods America’s website, the company – a subsidiary of Osaka-based curry giant House Foods Corporation – has a longstanding philosophy of environmental awareness. But talk is cheap without anything to back it up. Verification from a third-party organization like the Non-GMO Project is a smart move for gaining consumer confidence, especially at a time when so many other major companies seem to be struggling with transparency.

“We have always been dedicated to creating our tofu with US-grown, non-GMO soybeans here at House Foods, and we are thrilled and honored to have the third party verification from the Non-GMO Project,” says Yoko DiFrancia, House Foods’ PR and Advertising Manager, in a press release issued by the company.  “We understand how important it is for consumers to feel confident about what they are consuming, and we are committed to providing healthy, natural, and non-GMO tofu products.”

At the moment, the Non-GMO Project verification includes House Foods America’s entire line of bulk tofu, organic tofu, and premium tofu products as well as its original yam flour shiritaki noodles. The company is still in the middle of the verification process for its full tofu shirataki line, and while the company isn't seeking out official verification for its age tofu products, it seems reasonable that they would be using the same GMO-free soybeans for those as well. (We hope so, anyway -- we love a good atsu-age stir fry).

House Foods America obviously isn’t the first tofu producer to go GMO-free. But as the largest tofu producer in the United States, with products in nearly every major grocery store across the United States and Canada from Albertson’s to Winn-Dixie, this verification is certainly an important one. Perhaps this will inspire others to follow in their footsteps.


As a bonus, we leave you with this completely unrelated commercial for Vermont Curry from House Foods' Japanese division, because a.) it's House Foods, and b.) it is to excellent for words and we love you: 


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