Heinz and the New 'Dip and Squeeze' Ketchup Packet

Say goodbye to our old little ketchup packet friends: Heinz is rolling out an intriguing little hybrid sauce packet design
 Heinz and the New ‘Dip and Squeeze’ Ketchup Packet

Ketchup packets as we know them may be convenient to carry, but they’re not exactly manageable. One wrong tear and you have a mess on your hands (literally), and don’t even get us started on trying to eat French fries with ketchup in the car (hint: you don’t). It’s just something you get used to after a while – these ketchup packets have been with us since time immemorial. But H. J. Heinz Co. has finally done something about it. Today the foodservice news world is all a-twitter for Heinz’s new “Dip and Squeeze” ketchup packet.

“As the name promises, ‘Dip and Squeeze’ ketchup can be squeezed out through one end or the lid can be peeled back for dipping,” reports the Wall Street Journal. “The red, bottle-shaped packets hold three times the ketchup as traditional packets. The new containers are more expensive than the old sleeves, but Heinz hopes customers learn not to grab more than one or two.”




The ultimate test for this new design is in its functionality, especially in on-the-go situations. So Heinz tested the new packets by watching test subject consumers in 20 fake minivan interiors use the ketchup on items like chicken nuggets, burgers, and (most importantly) French fries from behind one-way mirrored glass. Then Mike Okoroafor, Heinz Vice President of global packaging innovation and execution, took it one step further by driving a used minivan to local Wendy’s and McDonald’s drive-thrus and experiencing the product for himself. So far, all signs point to success.

The Heinz “Dip and Squeeze” packets have already been launched in some smaller test markets like Chick-Fil-A and Smashburger, but will be launched at Wendy’s locations nationwide later this year. 

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