Ferran Adrià Partners with PepsiCo

elBulli chef Ferran Adrià to lend his brain to Pepsi for creative concepts
 Ferran Adrià Partners with PepsiCo

Spanish molecular gastronomy mecca elBulli is closing its doors this year. What’s a mad scientist chef full of ideas and creativity to do with his time? In the case of Ferran Adrià, the answer is apparently to pair with major corporation PepsiCo to develop new flavors for its worldwide brands.

“Ferran Adrià, whose restaurant El Bulli in Spain has been named best in the world five times by Restaurant Magazine, will work with PepsiCo to help develop new methods and concepts for creative food innovation,” reads the related press release, which also notes that Chef Adrià has worked with PepsiCo Spain on previous occasions to help in the development of their Alvalle chilled soups and 100 percent olive oil cooked Lay’s Artesanas.




In this new position, Chef Adrià will be assisting PepsiCo’s research and development team, sharing his “observations from around the world” on flavors and food trends to help PepsiCo develop new healthy snacks and breakfast options that appeal to a more modern palate. Given that elBulli itself is in the midst of being transformed into a campus for groundbreaking culinary thought, working in research and development seems to be right up Chef Adrià’s alley.

In regards to the partnership, Chef Adrià had this to say: “It is an honor for us, as well as a challenge, to be able to work so closely with a food company as important as PepsiCo and, most especially, with its extraordinary R&D teams around the world. This is certainly an enriching experience for both parties, from which we hope to obtain interesting results from our joint task, where El Bulli will provide its historic know-how regarding high level gastronomy as well as other areas of the food business.”

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