Dupont Declares 2012 Packaging Innovation Award Winners

Pepperidge Farm, Smart Packaging Systems, Kraft, Cadbury India and more take home medals from Dupont for pushing the boundaries of product packaging
 Dupont Declares 2012 Packaging Innovation Award Winners

Late last year, DuPont started accepting submissions for its 24th Annual DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation (at least until the application deadline of February 24, 2012). 200 entries were received from 21 different countries, to be evaluated by a panel of packaging experts that included Jane Bickerstaffe (Director, Industry Council for Packaging and the Environment), Aparecido Borghi (Packaging Development Manager, Pão de Açúcar Group), Louis Lindenberg (Global Packaging Sustainability Director, Unilever) and Ann O'Hara (Vice President & General Manager, Amcor Flexibles). This weekend DuPont announced the winners of its 2012 Awards for Packaging Innovation.  




DuPont’s panel of experts awarded one Diamond Award, five Gold Awards, and ten Silver Awards based on excellence in the fields of innovation, sustainability, and cost/waste reduction. Its Diamond Award, which fulfilled excellence in all three categories, was given to Curwood’s FreshCase® Packaging for its unparalleled preservation of fresh red meat. “FreshCase® packaging is the first-ever, vacuum package for red meat that maintains the meat’s appetizing color through a found-in-nature proprietary additive in the contact layer of the barrier package,” reads DuPont’s press release, which applauds the packaging for reducing waste by giving red meat a shelf life ten times longer than its store-wrapped contemporaries.

Gold award winners include Pepperidge Farm Deli Flats® thin rolls and Goldfish Sandwich Bread™ flats, with packaging that reduces waste through improved resealability and removal of the usual tray component, and Ciclo Verde Taeq® White Tea with its innovation in closed-loop recycling. Silver award winners include Kraft YES Packs to increase foodservice operator efficiency,Mutsumi Chemical Industry Co’s Ultra-Freshness Preservation Freezing System for increasing shelf life, and Cadbury India’s lightweight short neck jars for their smart use of materials.

For a full list of winners, check out the press release from DuPont.



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