Coca Cola Supports Urban Farming Project for Earth Day 2011

Urban Farming collaborate with Coca-Cola and Home Depot for a good cause today on Earth Day 2011
 Coca Cola Supports Urban Farming Earth Day Project

Earth Day 2011 is here! What are you doing to celebrate? Even the world’s biggest names in the food and drink industry are getting in on the Earth Day action. Today Coca Cola Refreshments announced that they would be teaming up with Home Depot and Detroit-based non-profit Urban Farming to celebrate Earth Day 2011 (and, in fact, all of Earth Week) with the launch of a rainwater harvesting project.

Urban Farming is a global non-profit organization dedicated to the concept of urban community gardens. In addition to promoting community gardens, Urban Farming also plants gardens in unused urban spaces and donates the resulting fresh produce to people in need. Urban Farming has so far identified opportunities for nine urban gardens in its home base of Detroit, each one in need of a “pergola,” or structure for collecting a reliable and sustainable water supply.


So, where does Coca Cola come in? Rain barrels – a major component of the pergolas is a rain barrel to collect the water supply, and Coca Cola has supplied repurposed cola syrup barrels to get the job done. Home Depot is also getting involved in the Earth Day 2011 project, constructing the pergolas and donating decorative planting benches.

 “This [Earth Day 2011] project highlights the need to learn about the new green technologies that are necessary to preserve our planet and expose our community members to green businesses and green collar job opportunities in the emerging Green Economy," said Urban Farming founder Taja Sevelle. The three partners broke ground on the Detroit urban farming project today during an Earth Day 2011 celebration, complete with dance performances and an appearance by Detroit Pistons announcer and former player Rick Mahorn.

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