Caorunn Gin Offers a New Sensation

Think you know gin? With traditional Celtic botanicals, small-batch Scottish gin Caorunn is something completely different
 Caorunn Gin Offers a New Sensation

There’s nothing quite like getting a bottle of small-batch gin in the mail to perk up an average work day. At Food & Drink Digital we are unabashed gin enthusiasts, and we are always up for trying something new. It can be easy to think that, if you’ve tried one gin, you’ve tried them all – but nothing could be further from the truth. Beyond the gin standards of juniper and coriander, there is room for a world of subtle flavors. As we discovered with Caorunn, a Scottish small-batch gin making its way across the sea to the U.S., some gin producers are pushing those flavors even further.

“Created from the Celtic landscape, Caorunn Gin delivers a taste that sets us apart,” reads Caorunn’s website. What exactly does that mean? It means that, in addition to traditional botanicals – juniper, coriander, citrus peels, angelica root, and cassia bark – Caorunn gin is also infused with five traditional Celtic botanicals. Rowan berry, coul blush apple, heather, bog myrtle, and dandelion leaf: these berries, fruits, and medicinal herbs are the tastes that take Caorunn to an entirely different place from most standard gins. They are Caorunn’s centerpiece, celebrated in everything from its five-point asterisk insignia to its unique pentagonal bottle.




Most American palates are probably pretty unfamiliar with these botanicals (us included, we’ll admit), making Caorunn both entirely unexpected and a little bit exotic when experienced straight up. If most gin tastes like winter, pine-y and bracing, Caorunn is more likely to evoke autumn – fresh and aromatic, crisp but with a certain honeyed warmth. After tasting it, it’s no wonder then that Caorunn recommends enhancing a glass with, not the standard lime or more recent cucumber, but a wedge of apple. If you prefer to highlight Caorunn’s more citrus attributes, on the other hand, we recommend tonic and a splash of elderflower liqueur – delicious!

One thing’s for sure: Caorunn is a gin apart from others. Whether you’re wary or a dyed-in-the-wool gin drinker, this could be just the new experience you’ve been looking for.

Caorunn Gin
70cL (41.8%) – £25.99

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