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Otway Pork and the Pastoral Pork Company: Australian Free Range in Food & Drink Digital

Australian pork goes sustainable in the May 2012 issue of Food & Drink Digital magazine
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Sometimes the most successful companies are the ones that decide to go off the beaten path and take the risks that your neighbours haven’t made yet. In 1992, the term “free range” was much more common in Europe than in Australia. But rather than bowing to national trends, Simon Macgugan and his team took a chance on a better future of premium pork. Today, that chance has developed into two thriving businesses: the bred free-range production side that is Pastoral Pork Company, and then the premium packaged retail-ready side that is Otway Pork.

Of course, all of those claims mean nothing without the proof to back it all up. For this reason, the company went above and beyond to become the first pig operation in Australia to achieve RSPCA accreditation. It’s more than just a certificate: it’s a point of pride. “The RSPCA have a stringent set of standards to be complied with, and we’re externally audited by them twice every year to ensure that we’re doing what we say we’re doing. It’s a good thing for the confidence of the consumer,” notes Macgugan.

To read more about Pastoral/Otway’s accreditation, plans for the future, and the meaning behind “bred free-range pork,”check out the full article in the May 2012 edition of Food & Drink Digital:


About Otway Pork

In 1992, we formed a company to establish a free range breeding herd to produce pigs in a natural, outdoor environment where the welfare of the pig was paramount. That company, The Pastoral Pork Company, is now Australia’s largest outdoor pig producer, and we are proud to be the first pig producer to achieve national accreditation under the RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme. Visit for more information.


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