For 27 years working in the Brazilian market, Aviagen's participation in the poultry industry in Latin America is gaining more space in terms of production. According to General Director Ivan Lauandos, the demand for growth is a major reason. "The increased consumption of chicken meat in domestic markets, in addition to the excellent quality and lower production costs, give us the opportunity to also grow through exports," he explains.

With approximately 530 employees, the company develops six different products in Latin America, with production capacity of 12 million dying per year in addition to products exported from the U.S. to Latin America. In Brazil alone there are 13 units between São Paulo and Minas Gerais.

Also recognized as number one in research and development - 10 percent of annual revenue is intended for R&D department - Aviagen is a leader in the creation and implementation of biosafety programs for chickens and turkeys. Through a genetic selection system that aims to promote improvements in the robustness and general health of the birds, the highest standards of care and welfare are used throughout the production process.

About Aviagen

As a world leader in poultry genetics since 2005, Aviagen is privately owned by German EW Group and develops pedigree lines for the production of broilers and turkeys under commercial brands Arbor Acres, Ross, Indian River (chicken genetic ), Nicholas and BUT (genetics of turkeys).

 Recognized and respected worldwide, Aviagen products are distributed in over 130 countries and the company operates on the creation, health and distribution of birds that represent the beginning of the production chain of chickens and turkeys, contributing to food production biosafety and health.

As a basis for strengthening for theentire organization, while allowing each business unit to operate independently, EW GROUP currently employs about 4,800 people in the world, encouraging and promoting the exchange of ideas, information and technologies with other group companies involved in similar fields.

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