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Consolidated Pastoral Company: A Leader in the Australian Beef Industry, in Food & Drink Digital

As Discussed in Food & Drink Digital, Good Genetics and Offshore Expansion are the Driving Forces for Consolidated Pastoral Company Pty Ltd's Proven Success
 Consolidated Pastoral Company Pty Ltd - A Leader in the..

In a report in Food & Drink Digital, CEO Mark Irwin discusses how Consolidated Pastoral Company Pty Ltd stays one step ahead of the competition.

Formed in 1983, CPC is building its portfolio with a number of strategic acquisitions – including five in the last three years to increase its ownership of Queensland properties – and has now grown to become Australia’s second largest beef producer.

As an associate sponsor of Australia’s National Beef Exposition, one of the largest beef cattle events in the world, CPS will be an active leading participant in the conference. The six-day event promotes discussion in innovative developments in the industry for over 75,000 visitors.

“It’s one of the premier events in the cattle industry, held only every few years,” says Irwin, who will participate in one of the many panel discussions. “It provides a great opportunity to meet people and interact with people in the industry.”

Discussing CPC’s competitive advantage, Irwin is the first to point out other noteworthy cattle producers in the country. “It would be unfair for me to say our cattle or properties are better than anyone else’s,” he says, “but what we do have is good quality cattle, supported by strong genetics, located on good quality properties which are benefitting from their geographic and market diversification.”

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Consolidated Pastoral Company Pty Ltd

Consolidated Pastoral Company Pty Ltd was formed in 1983.The company’s strength lies in low-cost grass fed cattle, currently more than 363,000, raised for export markets. CPC owns and operates 19 properties spanning more than 5.8 million hectares spread across northern Australia, including Queensland, being roughly 0.8 per cent of Australia’s land mass. CPC also exports cattle to Indonesia, via its two 50% owned feedlots.


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