Tyson Mexico is the largest producer and marketer of animal protein and value-added poultry products, such as breasts, wings, and nuggets, in Mexico. Throughout the years, Tyson Mexico has been evolving positively in local markets. Three years ago, the company began exporting to Asia, Central America, and more recently to Africa, thereby achieving an even broader coverage of the world.

Currently, one of the main trends in the food industry is aimed at the issue of nutrition. Mexico has the highest level of childhood obesity in the world. Coahuila and Durango are the two Mexican states most affected by obesity. Tyson Mexico’s plants are located on the border between these two states. “We want to be not only a socially responsible company, but also a nutritionally responsible company,” notes Francisco Montes, Director of Corporate Affairs at Tyson Mexico.

As part of the company’s value system, Tyson Mexico is committed to the environment and the wellbeing of its people and communities. The company has invested more than $30 million into water treatments in its plants, and 98 percent of the treated water is donated to the municipality of Gomez Palacio. Additionally, the company reuses the sludge it generates as fertilizer.

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