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Spice Gourmet: serving new challenges, in Food and Drink Digital

Through innovations in food service, Spice Gourmet evolves with Brazil and brings new solutions with comprehensive services for large corporations
 Spice Gourmet

(SAN DIEGO, CA) Brazil is increasingly adapting to a global model for structuring both management as well as the physical traits of corporations. Along with business systems, meals during working hours are not the same.

 Companies know that the welfare of its employees passes by the cafeteria. Long goes the idea of cafeteria food that is bland and unattractive. Today, cafeterias are not places just to replenish your energy and satisfy your appetite. The site must also be the time for socialization and relaxation. For those who need meals away from home, it is exciting to share a pleasant environment, and good food with customized menus, prepared by cooks in partnership with nutritionists.

 This is the service that Spice Gourmet offers. The company has worked with industrial solutions since 1989. With a plan always based on principles that value the contemporary commensalism, this company, originally from Rio de Janeiro, specializes in catering service as well as designing and administering snack bars, cafeterias, restaurants and shopping.

 Spice’s menu is made according to customer demands: it can be regional or it can follow a healthy diet. In a breakfast, for example, it can offer cassava. In another state, the breakfast might have fruit and yogurt.

To read more about the innovations Spice Gourmet is bringing to the market, check out the full article in the June 2012 issue of Food and Drink Digital, with our exclusive interview with the company’s CEO, Sergio Lopes.

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