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Germani Foods: the tradition of homemade delights, in Food and Drink Digital

For 120 years Germani makes history with flavor and quality. Currently, the company has been expanding its market leading products to African countries

(SAN DIEGO, CA) – One of the major food industries in southern Brazil, Germani Foods is also present on tables around the world. Operating in the segments of wheat flour, maize and cassava as well as pasta, cookies, chips and polenta, including the line of cereals and the like, the Brazilian brand Germani began operations in 1892, when immigrants from Europe began to craft production of wheat in a small mill in the South of Brazil.

    Over the years the Germani brand has diversified and started to produce various products. In 1998, the company was incorporated in the Francisco Stedile Group, becoming then Germani Foods Ltda and Germani Grains Ltda. "The two companies complement each other. Germani Grains is dedicated to the manufacture of flour through his own mill and is the leading provider for Germani Foods. In addition, it supplies its products to third parties and also manufactures packages of flour with 1kg and 5kg for the market. Whereas Germani Foods is dedicated to the manufacture of pasta and biscuits, instant noodles and snacks. Administratively they work together," said Carlos Stedile, president of the company, in a recent interview for Food and Drink Digital.

Operating in southern and southeastern Brazil, the company also exports to countries in South America and Africa. Present in several states in the country, the commercial structure of the company serves large supermarket chains, retails for small, medium and large companies, distributors and wholesalers.

To read more about the innovations Germani Foods is bringing to the market, check out the full article in the August 2012 issue of Food and Drink Digital.

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